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River in Dalarna. Originates from the area surrounding mountain Fulufjället in the north of Dalarna just south of Särna village. Flows through the villages of Sälen, Lima, Malung and Vansbro. Just south of lake Siljan the river converges with river Österdalälven and form the river Dalälven.


Stretch inside Transtrand FVO

Offer fishing in many waters, both lakes, rivers, creeks and tarns. More than 6.500 hectare of fishing waters are available, 190 km of streaming fishing water. Salmonoid fish in most of these waters, both trout, grayling and whitefish. Trout up to 3 kg, grayling up to 2 kg and whitefish up to 3 kg have been caught in those waters.

Some stretches in river Västerdalälven are known as very good fly fishing waters. In the lakes can you catch fish up to 5-7 kg.

The area have stretches and lakes adapted for disabled fishermen.

Fishing for trout is not allowed between 15/9 - 31/12 in rivers and creeks.

Permits can be bought at:
Sälens Fiskespecialist
Stöten Camping
Shell Sälen
OK Sälen
Sälen Tourist Office


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Stretch Malung FVOF

Located between 500m downstream hydroelectric powerplant in Lima and downstream Yttermalung at Kvillen.

The weeks before and after midsummer are usually the best fishing period, can varies depending on when the spring flood is over. September and October can offer a fine fishing for grayling.

A nice stream stretch is the long stretch upstreams Malungsfors. Easy accessible from both sides.
The stretch downstreams Yttermalung is calmer with long calm, slow floating beats interrupted with  rapid streams here and there.

The stretch offer fishing for grayling and trout, but also pike and perch.


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