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A 370 km long river. Originates from the area just north of Funäsdalen and flows out into the Bottenhavet sea just south of Söderhamn.  Runs through the provinces of Härjedalen and Hälsingland.



Stretch in the area surrounding the village Linsell in Härjedalen
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Linsell-Ransjö FVOF

Nice grayling and brown trout fishing. Streams stretches both upstream and downstream the village Linsell. The fishing is usually best at midsummer and in September.


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Streatch inside Långå FVO

Nice grayling and trout fihsing. Fishing open all year round.

More info at site: http://www.langafisket.se

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Stretches inside Hede Fishing Community

Nice grayling, whitefish and trout fihsing. Also stretch with fly fishing only.

More info at: http://www.fiskeihede.se/


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