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Small river in northerh Härjedalen. Tributary to river Ljusnan. Originates from lake Mittåsjön in the mountain regions north of Funäsdalen. On its "way" towards river Ljusnan it runs through Mittådalen valley, through the lakes of Messlingen and Grundsjön, and just west of Långå it flows out into the river Ljusnan. There are caught a great deal of big trout in lake Messlingen each year, fish weighing 8 kg have been caught here.

Populations of trout, grayling, whitefish, pike, char, perch.

Fishing in the river requires no heavy equipment. For fly fishing, a #5-6 rod is more than enough

When visiting river Mittån a visit to the nearby Flatruet is a recommendation. Great sceneries

Fishing in river Mittån is divided into following stretches:

Stretch 1, Bruksvallarnas FVF: From Mittåkläppen (bordermark 1. on the area map) to the bridge in Mittådalen valley is the permit from Bruksvallarnas FVO valid

Stretch 2, Managed by County Agricultary Board: From the bridge in Mittådalen valley and half way down to the lake Messlingen is the Lantbruksnämndens (County Agricultary Board) permit valid.

Stretch 3, Messlingens FVO: The fishing on the remaining downstream stretches are controlled by Messlingens FVO. Fishing is not allowed in the first stream at Lake Messlingen outflow and down to the first calm beat, approx, 500 meters. Fishing permits can be bought at the approach (automatic card machine) to Messlingen village and at the Baggårdens tourist establishment.

Långå FVO, Långåfisket™
Fishing in lake Grundsjön and in river Mittån downstream the lake all the way to the outflow in river Ljusnan are managed by the Långå FVO. Permits are sold in Långå village and online through


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Fishing guides, fishing charter

Gård Smedjehögen, Långå

Jennys Stugor, Långå, Hede



Gård Smedjehögen, Långå

Jennys Stugor, Långå, Hede

Sonfjällscampen, Hede


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Tourist Office in Funäsdalen


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Messlingen FVO


Fishing articles, books about river Mittån

Fly Fishing Magazine "Flugfiske i Norden" 5/6 2012, have a 6 page long article on fishing in river om Mittån.


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