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- Lake Säbysjön -

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The lake is located at road 32 about 4 miles south of Tranås in direction Eksjö. The lake offer nice fishing for both pike, perch and pike perch (pike perch record 12kg).

The lake has an area of 360 ha with a maximum deep of 5,5 meter.
The north part of the lake it is not very deep. Good fishing places are on the pier at the church and where the river Svartån enters the lake. To go there you can use the 1,5 kilometer blue marked path along the lake which starts at the pier below the church.

On the east side of the lake there are about seventy summer houses close to the water. Possible fishing places are at the a cliff in the south east corner of the lake on the road Ängarp and on the landing stage at Björnklo Beach.

The best fishing is still from a boat. Boats can be rented.

Sales of fishing permits:
Tranås Tourist Officee
PREEM Gasstation, Säbyvägen 1

Also permit sle through SMS or iFiske.se

For persons under 15 years old permits is free of charge.

Fishing info:
Pike perch is the speciality of the lake. The best fishing is where Svartån flows out into the lake, season from April till mid June.

European Perch is easiest to catch in the south part of the lake in a deep of 1-2 meters. Perch of 2 kg have been catched.

Northern Pikes of 5-10 kg is not unusual as there is a lot of food for them in the lake. Go to the deeper part of the lake for pike fishing. Big pikes eats bream weighing more than 1 kg, use big baits!!

Very easy to catch fish with ordinary angling during May and June. Mainly perch, roach, and bream

Later in the summer the best fishing is where the river Svartån enters the lake and in the deeper parts, fish from boats.


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