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- Svartån -

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Svartån originates in northern Småland just south of lake Sjunnarydssjön located between  Eksjö and Nässjö, on its way north it flows through lake Hamnarydssjön, Anneberga, lake Vässledasjön, lake Flisbysjön, lake Anebysjön, Aneby, lake Ralången, lake Säbysjön, Tranås, lake Sommen, lake Andersbosjön, Boxholm, Mjölby, lake Mjölorpesjön and finally flows out into the lake Roxen.

The river have a rich population of several fish species. The river are maybe most renowm among specimen anglers for its nice population of chubb and rudd. But the river also have perch, pike, bream, burbot, roach, crucian carp, eel, tench and trout. In connection to lake Sommen there are population of upstream and downstream spawning trout.


Mjölby FVF
Boxholm-Öringe FVO
Öringe-Mjölby FVO
Öjebro-Vågforsens FVO
Västerlösa-Älvestad FVO
Sya-Knutsbro FVO
Linkelösa-Odensfors FVO




Öjebro-Vågforsens FVO

Stretch between bridges in Svartån, easy accessible. The stretch are   famous for the nice fishing for Chubb and rudd, but also hold nice populations of perch, bream, pike, eel and tench.

Where to buy fishing permits: Gas station Statoil in Mantorp. or at the Internet at www.fiskekortet.com

Prices 2008: one day permit 30 SEK, one year permit: 250 SEK.
Boat rental services.


Västerlösa-Älvestad FVO

Very good fishing for chubb and rudd.

Fishingpermits are sold by: Östanbäck Fiske and Hultins i Linköping

Prices 2013:  1 day (24 hour) permit 60 SEK, 1 year permit 280 SEK

Fishing season all year round. Contact Östanbäck Fiske for lodging, boats.



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