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Lake Unden

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Clear water lake in northern Västergötland between lake Vänern and lake Vättern. The lake lies within Gullspångs municipality Karlsborgs municipality, Laxå municipality and Töreboda municipality in province Västergötland and is part of Motala Stream main basin area. Located In Skaraborg County and Örebro County. 95 kmē. 118 m a.s.l. The maximum depth 108 m, average depth 35 m. Fishing for big char and Gullspang trout . The lake drained south through Edsån to Lake Viken

Fish species: Perch, minnows, pike, burbot, roach, smelt, char, rudd, whitefish, eel, trout (Gullspång trout, Brunhytte trout).

Biggest reported catches: Char 10,5 kg, Gullspång trout 14,4 kg, whitefish 3,2 kg, perch 2,8 kg, pike 17,0 kg

Permit price 2013: one day permit 50 SEK
Regulations 2013: Max 2 char or trout can be caught by one fishing license and day. Char and trout under 50 cm must be released back into the lake, may not be brought ashore. All fishing prohibited from 1 October to 30 November.

Permit sale:
Boarding House Tiveden, Häggeboda, Tived.
Camping Tiveden – Baggekärr, Tived.
Tiveds handel, Tived.
Macken, Undenäs.
Arne Albertsson, Norra Åsebol, Gårdsjö.
Tivedsbadet Ullsandsmo, Finnerödja
Karl-Ingvar Lindström, Furuvägen 10, Finnerödja
Ifiske: https://www.ifiske.se/fiske-unden.htm

Boat rental and boat launching ramp located at Tiveden Camping


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  • Sätra Bruk Manor, offer accommodation in hotel (Manor) appartments, rooms, cottages.
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