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River in west Dalarna. Flows through the Älvdalen FVO. Originates from the lake Van just south west of Bunkris. Flows out into the river Västerdalälven at Vansbro. Flows through the lake Venjanssjön and the lake Van (Vän).

Every year there are report of caught grayling bigger more than 1 kg.


Fishing stretches:



Stretch in  Älvdalen FVO

Vanån, uppströms Tennänget

Area map

A approx. 30 km long stretch with fishing for brown trout, pike, grayling, perch, ide, bream and roach. The northern stretches are best suited for flyfishing and the souther part are also suitable for angling and spinfishing.

The season usally start at beginning of May when the spring flood has passed. The river is easy accessible all along by road. No wading is necessarry, you will do fine with ordinary rubber boots or leather boots.
Grayling 1,5 kg, Ide 1,8 kg and pike 8.0 kg have been cought here.

Fishing permits:
Can be bought at 
Älvdalen Fishing Center, Älvdalen Sportcenter, the permits are also sold at many other places. The permit allows you to fish in all waters included in the Älvdalen FVO.

For more info on fishing in the area of Älvdalen FVO contact Älvdalen Fishing Center




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